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United in Remembrance - Online Memorial Service with AI Presenter

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During times of loss, it can be challenging to bring together friends and family from around the world to pay tribute to a departed loved one. United in Remembrance is here to help, offering a seamless and inclusive online memorial service experience, allowing participants from different countries to come together and share their grief.

1. Service Description

United in Remembrance - Memorial Online Service with AI Host provides a compassionate space for friends and family to come together and honor loved ones, bridging distances with the power of technology. Our service offers a seamless and inclusive online memorial, facilitated by our AI Assistant, Daniel Bengtsson, ensuring a personalized and comforting experience. With a focus on ease and accessibility, "United in Remembrance" allows participants from any location to connect in real-time, share memories, and find solace together.

2. How We Work

  • Efficient Invitations*: Upon your order, we'll send electronic invitations to your guests within 24 hours and send a reminder 4 hours before the service. Remember, we can host up to 80 participants for each virtual memorial.
  • Global Reach: Streamed online for real-time participation, accessible from any internet-connected device.
  • Personal Support: Detail-oriented coordination by our team for smooth participant experience.
  • AI-Assisted Moderation: Daniel Bengtsson, our AI, offers a personal touch with empathetic moderation, customizable introductory speech in 50 widely used languages, and support through the service.
  • Easy Join: Access the service with just one click—no downloads, no logins.
  • Interactive Time: Ample opportunity for personal sharing and collective remembrance, facilitated by our AI Presenter.
  • Heads-Up Closure: Thoughtful reminders from our team as the service concludes.
  • Timely Conclusion: A meaningful, concise service wrapping up 45 minutes from start.

Here's how our service works, detailed in clear, easy-to-understand points:

  1. Invitation Process: Upon receiving payment for your order, we will send out invitations to the remote memorial service via your specified method (SMS, messenger message, email) to all your invitees.

  2. Timely Invitations: Our team of moderators will ensure that all your guests are invited within 24 hours of receiving payment, with a reminder sent out 4 hours before the scheduled date. Please note that we can only extend invitations electronically, as we need to send a link to the conference room. You are welcome to share the link among your invitees, but remember, our virtual memorial service can accommodate up to 80 participants.

  3. Language Choice for AI Assistant: You have the option to select the language for AI Assistant Daniel's introductory speech, choosing from the 50 most commonly used languages. The speech typically lasts about 2 minutes. You can provide us with a prepared text for Daniel, or send us bullet points from which our writers will craft the introductory speech.

  4. Slideshow or Video: If you have ordered a slideshow from us or have your own video clip lasting 1-10 minutes, we will display this video immediately following Daniel's speech.

  5. Discussion and Remembrance Time: You will have approximately 40 minutes for discussion and remembrance of your loved one. We recommend appointing one participant to moderate the discussion, giving the floor to guests in turn. Rest assured, our technical staff will be monitoring your group video call and providing technical support throughout, though they will remain unseen.

  6. Closing Reminder: You will receive a notification 5 minutes before the end of your allocated time (the total video call time is 45 minutes), indicating that the meeting will soon conclude.


Join us at "United in Remembrance - Memorial Online Service with AI Moderator" for a heartfelt tribute that transcends distances. Let's come together in memory and support, honoring those we hold dear in a shared space of healing and remembrance.

*Please note: Our team takes the privacy and security of your provided data and contacts seriously. We will send invitation links for the group video call only to individuals specified in your list. However, you are free to distribute the link independently, provided you do not exceed the maximum number of 80 participants. If you choose to share the link on your own, you assume responsibility for the connections made, as our team will not be able to verify the individuals joining the call.


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