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Personalized Memorial Postcard Design

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Our Personalized Memorial Postcard service allows you to commemorate and honor your loved ones in a unique and meaningful way.

You can suggest your preferred style and we will incorporate your heartfelt messages, specific details, and a chosen photo into a dignified design that befits the memory of the departed. If you prefer, we can also create an elegant design without personal images.

Upon completion, you can either download the digital file for use in emails and online or have us send the design to your chosen recipient, such as a printing company. This offers the flexibility to print a small batch of postcards for sending to faraway family members and friends or use the image in digital formats such as emails.

With our service, you can commission a tastefully designed invitation card for memorial services or simply have a keepsake to cherish the memory of your loved ones. No matter where you are, our Personalized Memorial Postcard service is a touching and appropriate way to remember and honor those who have passed.


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I'm really glad you've stopped by to check out our Cultural and Spiritual Memory Spaces on the site. We understand that everyone has their own unique way of remembering and honoring those who have passed, and we've created spaces that resonate with different cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

You'll find spaces like the Public Area, which is more general, and others like Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism, each offering resources and practices relevant to these traditions.

In these spaces, we've got a bunch of resources, heartfelt expressions, and meaningful practices that can help you honor and remember your loved ones in a way that feels right for you. We hope these spaces can be a source of comfort and support for you during these times.

Julia Johnson, your guide through times of remembrance.