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United in Remembrance - Online Memorial Service with Live Moderator

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During times of loss, it can be challenging to bring together friends and family from around the world to pay tribute to a departed loved one. United in Remembrance is here to help, offering a seamless and inclusive online memorial service experience, allowing participants from different countries to come together and share their grief.

Our United in Remembrance package includes:

  1. Global Accessibility: We organize memorial services via internet streaming, enabling attendees to participate in real-time from any device with an internet connection, regardless of their location.

  2. Dedicated Account Managers: Our account managers will handle all communication and coordinate streaming times with participants, ensuring a smooth experience for everyone involved.

  3. Professional Moderator: Our empathetic and tactful moderators have received special training to guide the memorial service with sensitivity and respect. While they cannot conduct religious ceremonies, they are knowledgeable about various traditions, allowing you to invite a religious leader to join the video call if you wish.

  4. One-Click Access: Understanding the potential difficulties for elderly or less tech-savvy individuals, we've made our online memorial service accessible through a single link. Attendees simply click the link to join the collective video call in their browser, without the need for downloading or logging into any applications.

Here's a detailed guide to our service with a live moderator for the "United in Remembrance - Online Memorial Service":

  1. Invitation Process*: Once we receive your payment, we'll send out invitations for the online memorial service to all your guests via your preferred method (SMS, messenger message, email).

  2. Timely Communication: Our team will ensure all your guests receive an invitation within 24 hours of payment confirmation, with a reminder sent 4 hours before the event. Note that invitations are sent electronically to distribute the conference room link. While you can share the link with your guests, the service accommodates up to 80 participants.

  3. Live Moderator: Our service features a live moderator who conducts the memorial in English. They will start with an introductory speech, followed by moderating the guest conversation, reminding participants of the upcoming conclusion, thanking everyone for their participation, and closing the video call.

  4. Slideshow or Personal Video: If you've arranged for a slideshow or have a personal video (1-10 minutes long), it will be shown right after the moderator's introduction.

  5. Interactive Session: Following the presentation, there will be a 40-minute interactive session for guests to share memories and pay tribute. Our live moderator will facilitate this discussion, ensuring everyone gets a chance to speak.

  6. Conclusion Reminder: As the 45-minute session nears its end, the moderator will give a 5-minute warning, thank participants for their presence, and formally conclude the call.

Our "United in Remembrance - Online Memorial Service with Live Moderator" offers a personalized and respectful platform to commemorate your loved one, guided by our experienced staff.

Allow United in Remembrance to provide a comforting and meaningful memorial service experience that transcends geographical boundaries. Reach out to us today, and let us help you honor the memory of your loved one with the care and respect they deserve.

*Please note: Our team takes the privacy and security of your provided data and contacts seriously. We will send invitation links for the group video call only to individuals specified in your list. However, you are free to distribute the link independently, provided you do not exceed the maximum number of 80 participants. If you choose to share the link on your own, you assume responsibility for the connections made, as our team will not be able to verify the individuals joining the call.
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